Shawnie and I are live chatting about the VMA’s…

Our reaction to JT and Nsync.

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Calling all Directioners! We have to win this VMA! Best song of Summer!

Here is the link.

Let’s do what we do best, spam and win shit!


Real World San Diego…

Okay. I guess they are shooting The Real World: San Diego now. I don’t really care all that much, but, a little birdie told me that they will be filming at Sandcastle’s. Now, Sandcastle’s has been and Imperial Beach tradition since I can remember. I am not really too excited that they are going to put this on MTV (even if it makes the final cut). Last time IB (my home town) was on TV it was portrayed as a town that is run down and full of drug addicts. It is in fact not run down. It’s an awesome beach town, it kind of is a throw back to classic California beach town. I really hope they make IB out as great as it truly is. If not, I will figure out a way to sue MTV for how they portrayed my town…


Really… Twilight? Bah! I guess the movies have to make up for the shit writing in the books. At least Harry Potter has quality in both areas.

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My favorite DIsney starlet look super gorgeous.
<3 Selena GomezĀ 

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My girlfriend, Katy Perry, is looking DAMN GOOD!

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