Crystal and I.

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She is classy. <3

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The Midnight Beast // The Dance Routine

Hold on just a gosh darn minute! Did two of my favorite people just happen in one video?!?!??! Selena Gomez and The Midnight Beast. My heart is full of happiness. TAKE THAT!


I love Selena Gomez… and her choice in boys.



Despite some of my more liberal views, seriously, this little lovely speaks to all the overly ~moral and conservative side of me. She’s so sweet and wholesome. I mean, what 18 year old, famous especially, DISNEY KID on top of that, dresses like this? She’s not the best singer, but she makes up for it by having great comedic timing and actually caring about her image. I’d rather have my sister looking up to someone like her than 99% of the females in music/kid-tween shows today.


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Selena Gomez and Perez Hilton chat part 2.
They are quite adorable. <3

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Selena Gomez and Perez Hilton chat part 1.
Two of my favorite people in one video.

(Tomorrow there will be part 2) 

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My favorite DIsney starlet look super gorgeous.
<3 Selena Gomez 

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