Look at these amazing earrings my friend Nessa¬†made! They are freakin’ ridiculous and super cute. Go see if you like her other stuff! She also makes custom orders.

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Look at these amazing earrings NessaKei just made! They are ridiculous. I love them… but, I have no idea when she will post them. I’ll keep you updated.

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Another picture of the earrings. :)


Nessa made me earring for my b-day! I finally got to wear them out last night… (Please excuse the left over make-up after a night of partying.)


HELLO! So, a few days ago I posted some lace jewelry that my friend NessaKei makes. She just posted new earrings up. They are pretty amazing. Please go and check it out…¬†


Okay. Last post… I just love these earrings!
PS: She makes special orders. GO TO HER ETSY!


Another creation from my friend, NessaKei.

(click on her name for her Etsy)


Hey to all my 73 followers… I have present for you.
My best friend Nessa makes these amazing earrings and necklaces (among other crafty crafts).
This is just one of the many things she has on her Etsy.
If you can’t afford to buy right now, just give it a look and make sure you always check back.

I’ll continue posting new things as she makes them.