Just to show everyone, this is Ryan, my fiance. I love him very… This is my favorite picture of him. <3

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Being In Love…

Being in love with someone is the greatest and worst thing in the world. You love them with all your heart and soul. You give them everything you can. All you can think you can give them and you just want them to be happy and okay. It hurts when they are hurting. I wish I could take all that pain and just lift it off of them. It sucks when all you can do is sit and wait. I’d do anything to be with them and just give them a hug.

Please don’t be mad at me. I don’t know what I would do if I lost you.

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A Love Letter.

So I was laying in bed around 1:30am this morning. I had just finished watching one of my lame TV shows, and, I got a very lonely feeling. They were talking about true love in the show I was watching and every time they mentioned love, your face would pop into my head.

After the show was over, I sunk down into my bed, pulled my covers tight around me, and imagined you crawling into bed with me, wrapping your arms around me, pulling me tightly and closer to you and just laying there, comfortable in your arms. Safe and sound. Knowing that you love me and I love you. It was the happiest thought that I have in months, or maybe even years.

I can’t wait to leave here and finally get to you. It all feels so real and close. Pure happiness only a few months and a couple of plane rides away. There is this hope that is filling up inside of me. It’s all about our future together. Anything is possible. Love. Marriage. Kids. All happy dreams and thoughts that I never want to go away.

At times I get scared of these thoughts. Either getting too lost in them that they won’t become reality or that you don’t feel the same way. But, I guess, with love comes fear and that is what makes love so exciting and valuable. The risk of losing it all in an instant. For now, these are only thoughts, a lot less scary than the real thing. Hopefully, and most likely, the real thing will be a thousand times greater than the passing thoughts of someone realizing they are falling in real love for the first time in their life.

Now, I must fall asleep with my head buzzing with all these emotions and thoughts. I pray that in the morning I won’t rationalize them and just let them consume all of me for as long as I can hold on.


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