I had to say good-bye to Eduardo today. It was very sad. He was a great car. So many memories in him.

The trips to Vegas.
When my car got followed because girls at Soma saw John-O in it.
It getting towed in Hollywood when were at the Ernie Ball, The Scenic show.
When Slade decided to steal my car with Crystal still in it at Chain Reaction.
Driving it on that two week road trip up to Washington.
The large amount of band boys putting Crystal in and out of the car.
When it broke down in Vegas.
Our car mascots, a spider and a frog.
Getting into a car crash and breaking my collar bone, not realizing it for two weeks.
When I was in SLO and slammed the trunk down on my key and broke it in half. 

I will never forget Eduardo, the green Le Baron. RIP.

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Bah. It’s not finished yet… You can’t tell that it’s gold either.

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A rough drawing/sketch to the start of my antique key painting. It took me a while to get everything how I wanted it… now for the long arduous task of transferring it from pencil drawing to painted picture. BAH! 

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